Private lessons

More experienced hoopers can learn some great 'hoop combos' in my private lessons. As you gain confidence I'll be helping you to create your own signature moves too!

Private ​Zoom Sessions

I am still offering private lessons, but they are now online. I'm happy to discuss your particular needs, so please get in touch.

If you want to get to grips with the basics of waist hooping, or are ready to add some more complex moves and flair into your hoop dance, I can tailor make classes just for you. These lessons are ideal for people who enjoy learning one to one, or just don't feel ready to join a larger class yet.


I also offer lessons for two people, so that friends or partners can share the fun. These are great for boosting the confidence of beginners, or for helping more advanced hoopers to learn choreographed routines to their favourite music.

Classes planned specifically for the requirements of an individual or for two people sharing:

£25 per hour

Or opt for my Beginners Course... details below



Covered in 4 private online lessons

for one person or for two people sharing

Only £75

Contact me to arrange convenient times