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About Hulagran

HI, I'm Christine, aka Hulagran. Hooping makes me happy, keeps me fit, gets me dancing every day and is my secret weapon against the effects of ageing! I spent most of my life thinking that waist hooping would be completely impossible for me and could only be done by magically talented athletic people. I was so wrong! I started hooping soon after I became a Granny, and was totally hooked by the way it felt, and by the excitement of learning something new.


Three years into my hoop journey I trained as a hoop teacher with the lovely Jo Mondy. I love teaching beginners how to waist hoop and really enjoy introducing lots of other fun ways to dance and play with a hula hoop. Seeing the sheer joy that lights up the face of someone who thought hooping would be 'too difficult' for them is what makes my job truly amazing! If you'd like to try my 4 week course for beginners, please get in touch. I'd love to meet you. 


Originally I set up classes for beginners in my local area, and gradually built up to having classes in different places and for different abilities. I also started teaching private lessons for individuals, and for two people sharing. I have particularly enjoyed teaching mothers and daughters together.


In 2020 we all had to adapt, and I started teaching via Zoom: private pupils, weekly classes for Gloucestershire hoopers and my monthly Hulagran’s Hoop Hours. The Hoop Hours bring together lovely hoopers from all around the world. I share new moves and fun combos that we build into some dancey choreography at the end. I was invited to teach at Devon Hoop Day, and have taught a workshop for CyberSWHoop. I am delighted to be an ambassador for Hoopspin. You can use my code: HULAGRAN to get a discount when you buy any of their beautiful hoops!

Classes are now available at Broadhempston Village Hall on Sunday afternoons, from May 1st 2022. It's great to be back having fun with people in the real world!


You can find me on Instagram as @Hulagran, on Facebook as Christine Hulagran, and on YouTube as Hulagran Hooper. I post my own flow adventures and share tutorials.  Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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